Coban Trip - Guatemala 2011

Our group - Teachers from CAG

Coban is a town up in the hills in Guatemala that is known for cold and drizzly weather, but also for incredible scenery, rivers, and caves. We went to Semuc Champey, a national park that has a natural bridge created by the river that runs under it. There are actual cave swims that you can go on but because of all the rains, the water was up to your armpits and when the guide said, "There may be places where you'll have to go underwater for a little while" -- in the dark cave where you just have your flashlight -- we decided to wait for another time for that!

Coban is also known for its orchids and hosts an annual Orchid Festival in December. It was one of those places with all varieties everywhere that just makes you depressed because you can't even grow one no matter how hard you try.




These are the waterfalls that are coming out of the top of the natural bridge. If you continue a little farther, you'll hit the big waterfall where the river is coming out the other side. We actually slide down the hills where it looks like natural waterslides.


This is the view (left) from the observation point. I would say it was about 600 feet down. You can see little people in the picture if you look hard. We hiked 1.5 hours to the top and then back down to the river where we swam.
Steve thinking he is funny and on the nature-made waterslide.

It was a fun time and neat to see more of the country. I would highly recommend living your life while you work instead of waiting until retirement as there are no guarantees and your body is not always that reliable. I would rather work a little longer -- and it looks like the government is going to make that a necessity not an option -- and enjoy all God has created and plan "smart " instead of "worried".

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