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The dance of the hummingbird!

Go to the following link to see a cool video that symbolizes good versus evil


Our Mission
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Our Mission

To follow God's will for our lives so that we can serve Him in all we do, go wherever He leads, and share His amazing love with those around us.

Continue to support foreign missions around the world:
1) Cusco, Peru - Romulo Tupa - Local Missionary; Lima, Peru - Pace family and their school
2) Guayllabamba, Ecuador - Tulcanza Family - Local Missionary Church with three outreach locations
3) El Batan Missionary Alliance Church - Ninos de la calle en riesgo
4) Just For Kids Orphanage - Valle de los Chillos, Ecuador
5) Home of Hope - Malawi, Africa, Canadian Missionaries - especially while Evelyn is there this month!
6) Missionaries and mission trips that God plants in our hearts - Renee in Pak especially


Steve sits in front of the temporary church building in Chimburlo where
we saw 50 people give their hearts to Christ in a place with no other church influence.

 Over the Christmas break, we spent 10 days in Ecuador working with pastors there to determine the need in that area. We are planning a church building trip in July 2008 if we can raise the resources to help them. The pastor has two church plants started and a third in the works, all with pastors in the wings being trained in the bible institute at the main church. We are looking to build the first stage with them so they can continue to grow on their own. We need $10,000 to complete the job from start to finish with all the materials. Labor will be provided by the church and any teams or individuals that would like to come to help. Airfare, room and board run around $1200 total per person. If you've never been on a mission trip, it is an incredible life changing experience you'll never forget.

Contact us if you are interested in helping out or participating!
 Contact us at cathleen_carpenter@hotmail.com

Photo Gallery

This is Steve's favorite game to watch that he has named "Death Ball." We don't know the real name, but the players hit a solid rubber ball the size of a shotput at each other with the huge paddles and if you were to get hit with the ball, it would probably kill you or at least knock you unconscious for a week!

  Some days I am just amazed at the birds we see right from our balcony. Many of the birds are similar to those found in Costa Rica and other big bird places. If you're a bird person, we have: Greater Kisadees, Thick Billed and Tawny Capped Euphonia, and Green Honeycreepers to name a few!
 Thanks to my Aunt Roberta's friend for identifying our other hummer, the White-Necked Jacobin.

February 4th was a national day in Colombia to march for peace against terrorism, the FARC, kidnappings, and senseless deaths in the country and to unite as a country to make it the great place it can be.

Monthly News

You have to make the decision about which direction your life with take with the life God has given you.
 You can choose to be in the world but not of the world
 and not let the ways of the world influence your decisions instead of God.

  This week it seemed the "tests" were hard for all. Everyone around us had an abundance of confrontation and conflict and a difficult time finding patience, making it hard to live like the Christ-like example we want to be. Still, we have to remember to give thanks and adoration to God for the good and the bad times and struggles because really we grow spiritually and closer to God through our troubles than our successes. 

It is interesting to me that the world is much more of a "yes" place than a "no" place and how much more has become acceptable and commonplace. Looking back at the Bible, the activities have been around forever, it is the attitude toward them that has changed. It is kind of interesting that Americans are looked at as a group as way too concerned about personal rights and suing each other to get money or take advantage of a situation because most other countries either don't allow those situations or the people don't see it as a good solution. When you see the news from another person's perspective and background, it is amazing how much of it is just plain silly. My main concern is that I don't like people forming an impression about my country based on the news and what it appears the government is or isn't doing, but unfortunately that's what happens.
  <> That is another reason why people need to share with other people and travel and be a part of actual people's lives in other parts of the world so you get a true picture of what we are really all about as individuals and countries.

Many shrines are set up throughout neighborhoods and on roads in South American cities for the different saints.
This one appears to be for traffic safety.

I have been reading a bible study called, "Get Uncomfortable - Serve the poor, stop injustice, change the world...in Jesus' name," and in it they talk to several mission organizations, local and foreign, about what they do. The common thread for most of the people is the fact that it is a process and though you can't create change overnight, but you can put it in motion. The one aspect that I think many people forget is that it isn't only about helping others, but it also helps your own personal growth and changes you and continually refines your purpose.


Luke 9:23-24 states that with eternal reward comes earthly responsibility, so Christians need to take action in whatever ways they can because it reflects the love of Christ. You probably can't create world peace in the Middle East or give every poor person a meal, but you can do something. If everyone effects change with something or someone where they are the affects will be seen. If you need anyone but God to see to spur you into action than you'll probably be disappointed and you're kind of missing the point.

Many families came to hear God's word in Chimburlo

What can you do right where you are?

-  volunteer at a local school to read to kids or help as a tutor or mentor

- set up a clothes or food closet program at your church, school, or neighborhood

- invite someone for lunch and just be a listener

- intentionally meet people and say hello; get out of your comfort zone and live a little

- offer a ride to an elderly person or help them with a need

- be a club leader to a group of kids

-  start a small group study in your home - Bible or special interest

- teach someone something you know how to do; share your talents

- be friendly and open and ready to hear a need so you can help a need

- say that extra thank you or compliment to someone

- be aware that others around you may be hurting and need a friendly voice or someone to just ask how they are, can I help

- sponsor a child in another country through WorldVision or Compassion

- spend time with your kids and their friends modeling Christ

- say hello to people you pass on the street when you're out walking

- give people the benefit of the doubt that they are having a bad day and be the bigger person

- pray for your kids, your neighbors, your family, your country...

You could help out in the kitchen preparing the pig!

What can you do for people in other places?

- pray for open hearts and people to bring the message of Jesus Christ

- go on a mission trip - the benefits and blessing will always outweigh the expense

 -support someone else to go on a mission trip

- send resources to help continue the building of God's kingdom here on earth

- email and stay in contact with people out in the field to see what the needs are and what you can do

- be a supporter - talk about what you church is doing and get others interested

- collect children's clothes and medical supplies and have them available for groups to take to other places

- partner with missionaries to help them with their support and projects


My heart's desire is for people to come and see what God is doing other places because for me, that is where the biggest blessings lie, actually being able to complete something that God has put on my heart and seeing it grow and develop into something greater because God allowed me to be a part of it.

  <>I am nothing without God and though I have a blunt and forward approach to many things that I do, He still allows me to be a part of trying to reach the world for Him; luckily I have a husband that is a smooth talker and fixes anything I mess up.

The call is to accept the challenge, aceptas el disafio, and let go and let God show you all He has planned for you and your life. You'll experience only a postcard's worth of life if you're in control where as if you let God go, it'll be like the post office delivering mail to Santa!

Cathy and Steve


Prayer Requests and Praises

Arturo at the Montebello School in Valle de los Chillos who was shot by robbers who stole his cab and left him to die; he is still in the hospital in serious condition though recovering more feelinlg than the doctors ever thought he would
The new mission church in Chimburlo that is reaching out to a community that is ready to listen!
   Funding to start the two church plants and get them off the ground in Ecuador - $10,000 each

   Direction with Steve's new job that it will help us have more opportunitity for Christ

   The 1st Baptist Church of Armenia that their small groups will take off and their group of Christians will grow and mature to reach others in this area

   A mission team to come and partner with us this July to get these seed churches on their way

Steve's new job position with IR that will broaden our opportunities in South and Central America

The opportunity to go to Ecuador and partner with them on three church plant projects in the works

  Our car finally seems to have stopped leaking water and is dry inside!

Continued safety living here in Colombia

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