January News

En el dia del bien goza del bien; y en el dia de la adversidad considera. Dios hizo tanto lo uno como lo otro, a fin de que el hombre nada halle despues de el. Ecl. 7:14

God lets us know through His word that good and bad will be a part of our lives, but He is there for both and a part of both so we need to remember that and call on His name in all stages of our lives.

Our Mission
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Our Mission

To follow God's will for our lives so that we can serve Him in all we do,
go wherever He leads, and share His amazing love with those around us.

Continue to support foreign missions around the world:
1) Cusco, Peru - Romulo Tupa - Local Missionary; Lima, Peru - Pace family and their school
2) Guayllabamba, Ecuador - Tulcanza Family - Local Missionary Church with three outreach locations
3) El Batan Missionary Alliance Church - Ninos de la calle en riesgo
4) Just For Kids Orphanage - Valle de los Chillos, Ecuador
5) Home of Hope - Malawi, Africa, Canadian Missionaries
6) Missionaries and mission trips that God plants in our hearts - Renee


Ninos en Riesgo Program- "Cruzando la Calle"

Over Christmas break, we spent a week in Ecuador working with the projects we have in Quito and Guayllabamba to prepare for the mission group we have coming in July. Right now we have 16 people coming from July 4-11, but always can use more help. If you are interested, just email us for more information.  We have two projects we are planning. The first is an evangelism event in Chimburlo, the most recent outreach of the church in Guayllabamba. We will be in charge of planning and putting together a day of fun activities, music, fellowship, food, and some evangelism speaking. This will be mostly for young people/teens in this area that have recently been exposed to Christianity. They have no church home other than the pastor coming from Guayllabamba once a week for an outdoor service in a field.

The second event is with the street kids ministry, Opcion de Vida.  We will be working with  an event called "Cruzando  la Calle" (Crossing the  Street) to introduce the kids on the street to the options they have available to them to change their lives.

The government of Ecuador is partnering with this project and has donated a large house -- it had been used as a government facility -- for them to use in a good location for a minimum rent. It is large enough for an apartment for a live-in missionary couple/single to run the house and room to house 15 boys. The plan is a three tier approach to taking the kids from the initial program in the park which is run four days a week from 3-7 pm, to access to the house for meals and instruction for up to 30 boys, to living there for 15 boys, to moving up the country location for more trade training and life skills. The kids have to qualify and follow certain rules to advance to the next level.

There are two outreaches planned a year, one in the summer and one at Christmas to expose the kids living on the streets to the options available to them if they are willing to change their lives. The house will be available hopefully in May 2009 so a lot of work is needed to get things organized to be successful. The "house parents" would be responsible for supervision and organizing the house activities, and would have someone separate to do cleaning and cooking. We are praying for a couple and a single guy to make a three year commitment to make it work well and get the initial set up running smoothly. We need both or two couples to be able to spell each other, so one could be part time or fill in. We are still working on how to get a salary as well so please be praying that we can make this all work for the benefit of the kids and the glory of God.
Contact us if you are interested in helping out or participating!
 Contact us at cathleen_carpenter@hotmail.com

Photo Gallery

  When we see one toucan we are excited, but two at the same time is a real treat!

Monthly News

<>As you can see or not see, we didn't make it to Italy because of plane cancellations due to unbelieveably bad snow and flooding in Italy in December. That's okay though because we can reschedule for the summer and God had other things to show us during this time anyhow! I think that He often allows things to happen so that we can see that we aren't in control, and to allow Him to direct our lives. We are looking to move to Bogota and hopefully get Steve finished with his education degree in the next couple years so we can have more options in the future.

Nathan waiting patiently for Christmas dinner

<>Our plans are still undermined for next year, but we have a mission trip this July that we are excited about and growth and change occurring on the mission field in Ecuador which is always exciting. One lesson that we are continually learning is the power of prayer and living in the here and now when it comes to getting right with God. You don't have to wait until a new year to make changes or alter your course. Unfortunately for many people at this time, their course is being altered because of the economy, but that provides even a greater opportunity to be open to new challenges God has for you in your life. No one said it would be easy and if you think it should be, read the book of Job. But the bottom line is that God will never leave you or forsake you so He is always in it with you.

Here is my dad after the accident serving up some venison

<>Three months later...if you talk to my dad, he makes the accident sound like a sprained ankle, but if you look at the picture of the life flight helicopter in the newspaper taking him away, you know it was a lot more than that. His recovery and healing has been miraculous and we are all thankful that God was there and ordered the day in such a way that everyone was where they were supposed to be to avoid disaster. You never know what God will do to try and get your attention, but you can be sure when He does, you better listen.

It made all of us think about our relationship with God and gave us a story to share to help open doors and build relationships with others to share what God has done in our lives and why we believe. It is always interesting to talk to people that believe in God, but don't have that one-on-one relationship that really is what supports you in good and bad times.
Tim and Grandad
<>We've had a lot of opportunity to talk belief with those at work and have had some interesting discussion. If you do believe and you think about it logically, if all you have to do is be a good person, why did Jesus have to die? What is the purpose of the free gift of salvation if you have to still work for it? Even Jesus asked God in the end if there wasn't another way; but, there isn't. (Matthew 26:42 and Luke 22:42)

We are all links in wonderful multi-colorhed paper chain that is made stronger when we are all together, and more interesting and diversified because we all have something different and unique to offer. That is a gift from God that you can give and share the whole year through.

Cathy and Steve

Prayer Requests and Praises

That we will hear back from one of the job opportunities we have
For the house project to come to fruition in Quito and the program to get off the ground
For missionaries to come forth to commit to working in the house program in Quito
For us to be able to raise the needed finances to support the house and workers
For my dad's recovery to continue as he still has some health issues that need addressed 
For our new president and country that it will look to God for leadership
For electricity to be constant every day  (we've been without four days of the last two weeks)

A mission team of 16 to come and work with us in Ecuador this summer
Our car is repaired and seems to actually be working right
  Recovered health after some flu and fevers over the holidays
Continued safety living here in Colombia
The opportunity to provide needed clothing to a special needs child in our church
A prayer journey that is drawing us closer to God

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