September News

Who would have thought that you could put so many colors in one bird?
Only God would be so daring!

Our Mission
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Our Mission

To follow God's will for our lives so that we can serve Him in all we do, go wherever He leads, and share His amazing love with those around us.

Continue to support and pray for mission projects around the world:

1) Cusco, Peru - Romulo Tupa - Local Missionary; Pace Ministry - Lima, Peru
2) Guayllabamba, Ecuador - Tulcanza Family - Local Missionary Church with two outreach locations
3) El Batan Missionary Alliance Church and Ninos en Riesgo program for kids living on the streets
4) Just For Kids Orphanage and Montebello School - Valle de los Chillos, Ecuador
5) Home of Hope - Malawi, Africa, Canadian Missionaries
6) Renee in Pak.
7) Projects in the poor barrios with 1st Baptist Church of Armenia

Photo Gallery

We decided to try some forcha at the local fair and you can see from
 Steve's face what we thought of it. Forcha is a fermented corn drink
 that is very popular with the locals but left a worse
than bad taste in our mouths!

 We had a beautiful view off our balcony while the Guacan trees
 were blooming. All the birds love them as well.


Our new bird of the month that we hadn't seen before.

Monthly News

Cookie baking project

So far, we have had two sessions of cooking lessons with different groups from the First Baptist Church of Armenia that are hoping to turn their skills into a business operation that will help give support to some of the single moms living in a poor section of town. The cookies would provide a new product that could easily be sold on the streets and to small businesses. Pray that it will be successful and help to provide much needed financial resources to these people.

Our newest woodpecker; I like what he's done with his hair

  If you haven't seen the movie, The Children of Huang Shi, I would highly recommend it for several reasons. It is the based on the true story of a journalist that goes to war-torn China in the 1930s to document and report on the war. What he finds out is that what you might think is your purpose or the goal for your life may turn out to be something totally different and unexpected. You might think that you are unprepared for the challenge and try to run away, but if you stay and follow the path you've been put on, your life will be enriched beyond anything you could have imagined.

These are sapote, a type of fruit found in several
South American countries

Can you find the hummingbirds in the picture?

What the film left me thinking about was what opportunities have a missed because I was in my will and not God's? As it implies in Luke 9:57, it takes sacrifice to follow Christ and leave what you have and know to follow Him. Sacrifice itself seems to depend on your perspective as for some it is enough to give up a day on the lake to go to a church service, while for others it is to live among a native people in a tent in order to bring them the gospel. Those are two extremes and most of us probably fall somewhere in the middle, but it does make you think about whether your life is more you or more God. The concept of less of us is more of Him and a shower of blessings will follow sometimes eludes us because of our earthly desires and fears.

How many of us can say that we know that if we call on the name of God, He will protect us or not give us more than we can bear, but don't take advantage of that power because our fear tells us that our faith isn't enough? I have that problem with dogs on the streets and can't seem to get past it sometimes. We have a psychotic dog on our street that comes after me every time I walk by and even if I beat it off with a tennis racket, it doesn't stop. I feel stupid because I should have control over the situation and God is there to help me, yet I let it get to me everytime.

Our goal this month is to get our bible study started so hopefully Steve will be in town for at least part of the month! We celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary on the 2nd; it's hard to believe that it has been that long because I still look at things he does sometimes and think "Where did that come from?" He is the best gift God has given me after His son on the cross, and he has changed and blessed the lives of my family in ways that never would have happened without him.

We are planning a mission trip to Ecuador the last week of June or the first week of July, so let us know if you might be interested in being a part of the adventure!

Steve and Cathy

Prayer Requests and Praises

1. Five nieces and nephews heading out to college this year and the beginning of the next step in their lives
2. Opportunities to be a part of the lives of the other teachers at our school
3. Continued good health in spite of the allergies we both are suffering from this year

1. We are starting an English Bible study and pray that we will have a good outreach and attendance
2. Peace about our jobs and a clear direction for next year
3. Continued opportunities to witness to those around us
4. Hearts and minds to be open to the call of God to the mission field, short and long term

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