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The flowers and bees of the field are all His creation.

  Summer Newsletter Update

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Mission Projects
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Photo Gallery

If you've never seen pineapple growing, now you have! The hillsides outside Lago Calima were covered with rows and rows of pineapple, which grows on a low almost cactus-like bush.

Out in Filanda, a little town just 15 miles away from us. You can climb the Mirador
to get a good view of the land all around, even the cows.

Lago Calima (Lake Calima) is in a windy area and known for its kite and wind surfing.
It also has a lot of fishing and rice production.


   Mission Projects

  Ecuador - July 4 - 11, 2009

We are getting ready to head to Ecuador in July with a mission group from Peachtree Community Church to work with three evangelical events. We will help with two events in the small communities in the countryside and then a big event with El Batan in Quito to help get more street kids into the Opcion de Vida program and to change their lives with Jesus Christ. Pray for us that all will go smoothly -- or as smoothly as is possible in Ecuador -- and that everyone that participates that week on both sides will be blessed and be in communion with God's will for their life with this project.

Information Update

Always new birds to see everywhere we go!

It seems like forever since I've put up any news but it seems like time has gotten away from me the last couple months! We are finally down to the last week of school here but with two summer classes at the University of West Georgia, a mission trip in a couple weeks, and just trying to plan out next year, we never seem to stop.

The parrots love the fruit in the tree across the street from our house but are hard
to see through the leaves!

Our treat for the month was a drive to the next town over, about 45 minutes, to go to the McDonalds that our students had told us opened up in the new mall. It was a special treat (especially at $15.00 for the two of us) but a nice touch of home when we get tired of the same old rice, chicken, beans or beans, chicken, and rice.

Downtown Filandia on a Saturday afternoon

We have decided to stay here in Colombia for another year or so so that Steve can finish his education degree and then be able to transition somewhere else as a teaching couple. It is very tranquil and easy to work here and with the economy still struggling, it seemed like the smart move to take the known job.

Our Rafting Adventure!


We decided to go on a raft trip down the river one Saturday as we had heard it advertised as a fun time. We got to the "village" you see above after a beautiful drive through the countryside and when we looked down at the river I said to Steve, "There is no way that is the raft is it?"

Well, it was and so we got on and headed down the river!

We stopped at waterfalls and had a great lunch while
the boat guides repaired the boat where it  had started breaking apart.

We all survived to live and teach another day!

We took another trip with a group of the teachers to Lago Calima, a large manmade lake about three hours from Armenia. It was quite the "adventure" as when we arrived, the owner we had rented a house from had decided to rent it to some friends instead and we were out on the street. It all worked out though and we enjoyed the time away in a place a lot like Lake Lanier or upstate New York - other than for all the pineapple plantations!


We hope you enjoy the pictures and I will be back up in July when we return with the updates from the mission trip and the plans for next year here in Colombia.

Cathy and Steve

  Prayer and Praise

Prayer Requests

- more opportunities to support God's work and people here in Colombia

- the other foreign teachers at our school for health and opportunities to share

- unsaved people

- children living in the streets and at risk around the world for safety, love, and hope

- the mission group coming in July for traveling mercies, open hearts,and opportunity

- those that are close-minded to think about what they believe and why and to be open to the Word.

Lago Calima in the late afternoon

Praise Reports

-  A goup wanted to come to partner with us in missions in Ecuador!

- continued good health and okay financial situation

- Another year to try and make a difference for God where we are

- Teaching jobs for both of us at the school

- our used car is still running with minimal effort

- answered prayers for our small group and continued blessings in our lives

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