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Cuando viene la soberbia viene la deshonra, màs con los humildes està la sabidurìa.
.(I love this picture because it looks like my orchids are smiling!)
Our Mission
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Our Mission

To follow God's will for our lives so that we can serve Him in all we do, go wherever He leads, and share His amazing love with those around us.

Continue to support missions around the world:
1) Cusco, Peru - Romulo Tupa - Local Missionary; Lima, Peru - Pace family and their school
2) Guayllabamba, Ecuador - Tulcanza Family - Local Missionary Church with three outreach locations
3) El Batan Missionary Alliance Church - Ninos de la calle en riesgo
4) Just For Kids Orphanage - Valle de los Chillos, Ecuador
5) Home of Hope - Malawi, Africa, Canadian Missionaries
6) Missionaries and mission trips that God plants in our hearts

Next Mission Opportunity - We will be in Quito,Ecuador, December 15-26th to work with our projects if anyone is available or interested in meeting us in Ecuador. It will include several tourist activities as well to visit Cotopaxi, the volcano, the equator museum, the jungle, and the beach. We will arrange transportation, food, and lodging for the ten days or any part of it; the cost will be approximately $60 a day.You would be responsible for your own airfare as well.

 It is such a shame that travel is so expensive on what are considered volunteer opportunties where you are already giving up your time, but the experience will be life changing for more people than you can imagine, including yourself.

We are trying to set up a spring break trip, but do not know if it will be possible this year with our schedules. Contact us at

Photo Gallery
Some of the local birds outside of our apartment

The butterfly garden at the Botanical Gardens had a lot of species to see

Monthly News

As the school year heads into September, we continue to look for the opportunities God has for us here. We have heard from our mission projects in Quito and work continues there. In Guayllabamba, Pastor Luis has started another mission church in the country and their church continues to grow. We are hoping his family will be able to visit us here next month in Colombia. They are still having some problems with the biological mother of their adopted son but hopefully all will be resolved this year. Victor, a young man in his congregation at seminary in Peru, has been diagnosed with a malignant tumor on his face that needs to be removed very quickly. Pray that all will go well for him as he has a great big heart for the work of God in Peru.

Samuel and his mom

The pastor we work with in Quito with the Ninos en Riesgo program has had his own problems in his family. After trying for a long time to have a child and some problems, his son was born premature and needed much extra care. The bills are very high for his earning, so please pray for guidance and help in his family that their need will be meet.

If there are any projects you would like to help or be a part of, contributions can be mailed to our home church and they will put the money our our account. Write in the memo section: For Carps On A Mission account.
Chestnut Mountain Church
4903 Chestnut Mountain Circle
Flowery Branch, GA. 30542

Our jobs continue well. Next Saturday the 15th is Love and Friendship Day here in Colombia. It was funny that we had to be told to tell the students that live animals were not allowed to be brought to school as gifts; that is one thing I never experienced before! When Steve's secret pal said he/she wanted an animal we just assumed it was a stuffed one.

Steve thinks it's funny that he can see cows from his classroom!

We continue to look for opportunities to get involved in the community and hopefully set up opportunities for groups to come here from the US. The school also is involved in local community problems so that may be an avenue as well where we can be of service.

We went to Salento over the weekend with some of the teachers from school and enjoyed just getting out of the city for a few days.

Steve ended up on a miniature horse and I actually was on a horse, something you very rarely see. I had my own personal horse whisperer who handled the horse so there was no matching of wits or the horse realizing I had no control at all and throwing me, yet again, off somewhere on the path.

I liked this flower because it looked like it was made out of coconut!


We saw lots of interesting things along the way, including this cow with the funky hairdo.

We have really been trying to put into application the message of building relationships where you are. If you know anything about us, Steve is the people person while I enjoy being alone and doing thing by myself. Unfortunately for me, that is not God's plan for Christians during their time on earth! Proverbs 19:21 says that "many are the plans of a man, but it is God's purpose that prevails." We can have all the plans that we want to create, but if they are our plans and not Gods, there isn't any guarantee of success. Things may work out somehow or eventually, but since God only wants the best for us, can you imagine the results if we are in His will? That's not to say that only good things will happen to us because perserverance, patience, and developing us spiritually may need to be accomplished through means that we would never choose for ourselves. All we can work toward as humans is to be open and continually try and God will guide us and always be there for us.
 Por siempre. Sin duda. Con mas amor tan es posible imaginar.

Your life can never be the same once Christ is a part of that and that is a good thing.

Cathy and Steve

Prayer Requests and Praises

Victor in Peru - malignant tumor surgery success
The new mission church Pastor Luis has started in Guayllabama - 3 salvations already!
Continued financing for the school and programs at the Montebello School in Ecuador
Mental and physical protection for our missionary friend in the Middle East

Opportunities to get to know new people and build relationships
The chance to make a difference in people's lives with a relationship with Christ
Friends continuing to go to church with us and build that experience
Good health and living conditions; safety here in Armenia

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