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Photo Gallery


Steve and Nathaniel look over his new bilingual room

   Mission Projects

We are continuing our support of our work in Ecuador, mainly at the church in Guayllabamba. Here are some photos of our last project in June 2004 where we helped to build a support wall for the river, painted the buildings and put up signage, and completed a recreation area.

We started out with a bunch of bushes and trees that were bulldozed to make the initial ditch.

Everything was formed up and poured, and then we stared on the basketball court.

They ended up with a recreation area and a secure facility from the weather and other elements!

Projects for the futher include finishing out the second floor, building in the classrooms, bathrooms, and a small kitchen, and adding an outdoor playground area.

  Prayer Requests

- continued support from CMC for our projects in Ecuador

- new opportunities in Okinawa to reach people for Jesus

- we will be able to get everything set up without a lot of problems!

- good job opportunities for Steve

- good school year for all our teachers and students

- pray for our friends in Quito that had to deal with a jail situation because of a car accident

- pray for Boris and Miquel, two teens that have gotten off of living on the streets, that
God will give them opportunities to grow and continue to have a better life

- the church in Guayllabamba to use what we were able to help them with to grow and reach
more people for Christ

Praise Reports

- we got the opportunity to continue with international travel

- continued opportunity to share our beliefs with friends from Quito

- good health

- a buyer for our car that we bought before we realized we wouldn't need it

Information Update

We are getting ready to head out once again on a new adventure, this time to Okinawa, Japan. I have another teaching opportunity, and Steve will be finishing his college degree while working some type of great job (hopefully!)  Our time in Ecuador was great and exactly where God wanted us to be. I took my favorite photos and put them on the Ecuador site, so check it out if you want a little taste of the Equator.
We plan to return each year to continue helping the church in Guayllabamba grow and add on, so keep in touch if you want to be a part of that.

We head out the middle of this month and are looking forward to the totally different cultural experience. Look for pictures in the September News and we should have something exciting and interesting to report!

Cathy and Steve

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