Cheka, Ecuador

Cheka is a mission outreach in a town north of Guayllabamba. Families in that town live to far to attend the church in Guayllabamba, so the decided among themselves to set up a church in their town affiliated with Guayllabamba. They meet in someone's one room house and now have about 30 adults and 50 children. They are working on buying some land for a small building to house the services.

- distribute 100 gifts, treat bags, and some needed shoes/clothes to children at the Iglesia Bautista in Cheka.
- Cheka also received 25 general medical supply bags, one for each family, as it is very difficult to get any medical care in that area. The pastor's wife explained to the families what all the medicines were for since the boxes were in English.

God Working: After the 3-4 hours of celebration at Guayllabamba, the members of the presentations all piled into three vehicles to do it all again at the mission church outreach in Cheka, about 50 minutes away from Guayllabamba. They returned home about 11:00 PM with five more people receiving Christ at the second service. One person was a husband whose wife and family had been praying for him for five years.

Betsabe, Brittany, Pamela

Pamela, a friend of Betsabe, the pastor's daughter, had been around the church all week and I really think saw Jesus in all that was going on. She asked to go along to the second service with the family (though it was quite a squash in the car!) and that is where she asked Jesus into her heart.

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