Community Service Projects  - 2006
The summer was full of opportunity to see what God was doing in Ecuador and where we were needed to continue to support the projects we'd started there.


Working with the Opcion de Vida program sponsored by El Batan Christian Church allowed for a lot of variety. Each day, Tuesday through Friday, the center is open in a central park where the kids that live in the streets can come to shower, get a meal, receive computer and other education programs, and are given the materials and information to hopefully help them change their lives. Meeting the physical needs of an individual are essential to building that relationship to share the message of Christ.

About 100 different kids ages 3-15 show up throughout the week, averaging about 45 a night.

This year has been a great year for them in his opinion as they have seen growth in the membership, huge interest in the music worship with the additional instruments CMC has helped them purchase, and an energetic man interested in taking up the role of minister to the youth.

Working with the students on computer and various projects helps them to feel successful and see that there are other options.
Four times a year, children who suffer from brittle bones and related problems come to the center for three day stints to receive medicines and treatments that have helped their conditions tremendously.  This is only one of a variety of programs that has been started and become available only recently because of the development of the center.

Volunteers work in the kitchen and with the childen on programs each night. They even make jelly and other products to sell to help raise money for the center. Many youth groups coming through Quito on other mission trips stop and help out at the center for a day when they realize the need is there.


Peachtree Community Church in Villa Rica, Georgia, provided 20 pairs of shoes and over 60 pairs of socks for the children in the program this summer. Hair cuts are also available for the kids, but only if you trust the barber!

Ecuador continues to be a place that can benefit from our help and prayers.

-  A new school is opening up in the Valle de los Chilles with the Just for Kids Orphanage that will provide an opportunity for an education to many children in the valley that currently receive none.

- A house church has grown out of Caleb Connection program that has been meeting the needs of many that were looking for answers outside the Catholic Church and a small group setting to help them grow

- Two seminary students from the Guayllabamba church are studying in Ecuador and Peru and need our support and prayers

- The Opcion de Vida program is working with the city of Quito to build a dormitory next to the center to provide more support and safety for the children and needs support in that area

- A car or van for the church in Guayllabamba to increase their effectiveness and for safety issue as well

Our prayer for Ecuador is for others to catch the vision and want to be a part of the blessing through mission work there.

The children's Sunday School class in Guayllabamba
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