Winter in Okinawa

Looking out from our apartment, it has been dreary, windy, and wet since Christmas.
 If you look closely, you call see a blue tarp on the sea wall where one of the homeless people has made himself a shelter.
 He may not have a permanent home, but he is a great agent for recycling.

Just in case you still thought Okinawa was a tropical island, here's a panoramic photo
from Shurii Castle that gives you the true picture of what we are in the middle of.

Here is Steve inside Shurii Castle next to the Emperor's Chair. This was the only elaborate place
in the otherwise utilitarian and open castle interior.

This was one sunny moment on a Saturday afternoon on the seawall. A couple people
are out trying to do a little surfing.

Workers were out for several weeks in the field next to our chuch cutting down the sugar cane
by hand.

The Banyan Tree is the popular tree on the island and is really cool in that it
grows roots from the limbs back to the ground.

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