Our Adventures in Japan

Kyoto, Japan Trip 

   Click bull to see bullfighting Okinawa-style!

  Our Trip to the Botanical Garden

Steve is at the carp pond where the carp literally jump on each other to get the food.
You can see all their mouths open like baby birds.

Lots of pretty butterflies let us get right up close and personal.

Hopefully you can see the spider the size of the soda can. They were everywhere!
I haven't found out what they are yet, but I know I don't want to walk into one.

Don't they look a lot alike???

Other Sights...

You just never know exactly what they are making, even with the pictures!
So far we have only eaten octopus accidentallly.

Of course there has to be a bathroom picture! The Japanese toilet a little different
than the American, but similar to others I've seen in Asia.

Shrines and temples were on every corner in Kyoto.

Want to see a little northern Okinawan countryside? Click Here.

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