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Science Fair

Links to helpful math pratice sites!!! Click Here.

Idiom Connection - site with quizzes to practice using idioms -
Verb Tenses and other Grammar Issues -

Go to the site and see how much you know about English grammar, vocabulary, and Spanish to English. Use your computer to learn and play at the same time!

Click on the cookie for the recipe

for the best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Social Studies -
Revolutionary War Unit Links   (good general information links) (collection of all kinds of war maps)

Women in the American Revolution -

Little Known Facts Someone came up with about the War

If you're looking for a specific topic, look here

Quotes offering opionions on the war

Civil War Links
The City of Atlanta, cerca 1860

Women of the Civil War -

General Civil War Information:

Music of the Civil War

Primary Sources for stories and letters from Civil War participants

A good timeline of the war from beginning to end

<>Photographs of various sites in the Civil War - you have to look a little, but a lot of stuff here

*These sites can still have hidden links attached to go to inappropriate sites because of the freedom of access on the internet. Always monitor your students when they are surfing the web, even with school assignment to avoid these situations. 

Creating Bibliography Pages

You need one for every paper/project you do to cite your sources. Why? So you give credit to those that gave you your information, and for others to know where to look if they want to know more.
Two online resources to create a bibliography: - you can't save the information in the free version, but if you only have a couple sources and can save in your own file, it is good. - very easy to follow; you set up an account and it creates lists for you and saves them so you can come back to them later. It also has an easy 'save as Word document' and 'email' features.


 Organizing Information and Essay Writing

Hints for organizing an essay:
1. Look for the catchy phrase or opening that introduces the subject.
2. Look for the topic sentence that tells the three areas the essay will be talking about.
3. Find the first detail sentence talked about in #2.
4. Find the second detail sentence talked about in #2.
5. Find the third detail sentence talked about in #2.
REMEMBER: If there is more than one detail sentence for that area, order them in a logical way, with the one that introduces the other first.
6. Look for the conclusion sentence that mentions the three areas again.
7. Finally, look for an opinion, a summing up of the essay, suggestion, etc. that leaves you thinking about the topic.

Here is a practice essay. The correct order is listed at the end. Practice first before looking at the answers.

Organize the following information so that it could be used to write a paper about the essay question,

"Why Living at the Top of a Mountain is Bad"

Put the correct order that the sentences should be used in from introduction to conclusion.

_____ The food at the top of a mountain is very scare and you will probably only find some moss, a couple rocks, and some really tough insects.

_____ So if you are thinking about moving, maybe you should check into other options that have a little more to offer.

_____Living at the top of a mountain is a bad place to be because of the food, weather, and variety of friends.

_____ Usually the weather is very bad every day with strong winds, lots of clouds, and extremely cold temperatures. Bring your mittens!

_____Have you ever thought about moving and thought that it looked wonderful and peaceful at the top of a mountain? Think again!

_____The peaks of the mountains only hold loneliness and solitude, unless you can find a stray angry mountain goat to be your pet.

_____ The tops of the mountains look very inviting, but it would be better to take your chances at the bottom of the sea or the depths of the rain forest if you want any kind of real friends, food, and livable climate.

_____Tired of friends that are shallow and uncaring? You won´t have to worry about friends here!

Click here for other practice paragraphs!


  If you need a copy of The Ketchup Bottle play CLICK HERE!

Shakespeare Links

Other information about Shakespeare: (the play online) (information about Romeo and Juliet) (everything you wanted to know about Shakespeare but were afraid to ask!)

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